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Fight aginst Child Marriage, Child Trafficking, Human Trafficking, stop Witch System. We want to make Group of Young Girls & Women’s , They will be engaged in various activities like Save Girl Child,  Stop Child Marriage, Stop Child Trafficking,  Stop Human Trafficking, Stop Witch System and Others Social Issues.

Specially Tribal, Minority and Backward Community’s Social, Educational, Cultural, Economic, Sports and Traditional Development.

To facilitate to organize Self Help Groups (SHGs), Joint Liability Groups (JLGs),  Farmers Clubs (F.Cs), Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs), Farmers Producer Organizations (FPO) for the augmentation of livelihood opportunities of the people at the grass root level as being beneficial to the public or to a section of public.

To establish Vocational Training Centre and run Vocational Training Project as Panchi-Parhan (Tribal Dress) Making,  Kantha stich, tailoring, soft toy making, jute/cord bag making, silver ornament making, leather bag making, jam-jelly making, sauce/pickles making, silk reeling training, nursing training, first-aid training and any other vocational training in the Rural Area or centrally to develop the youth force by different types of training which help for employment.

To do the work on creating public awareness programme and programmes on environment, Plantation, Pollution etc.